After Hours (Performance), 2018

After Hours, Dafna Maimon, 2018, Performance, 11min excerpted from 45min

After Hours was developed in and for the installation Family Business utilizing it as a set as installed at Gallery Wedding. The performance plays out the end of a restaurant shift, where two female workers embody and process a fragmented aftermath of various trauma and exhaustion. The resulting neurotic choreography consists of scheduled panic attacks, a stasis of hoping, and compulsive competing and manipulation for attention. Within the looping choreography of three acts Maimon reflects on stories of female members of her own family, the effects of trauma as scores of living, and female labor (both emotional and physical).

Simultaneously, After Hours looks back at and is inspired by, two very different cultural relics; the Orient Express cinema commercial produced in 1986 by the artist’s father for the restaurant, which included a dance scene, as well as the Pina Bausch dance piece Café Müller, in which the renowned choreographer processed childhood memories of her father working in his Café after World War II.


Performed at “Orient Express” (solo-show) Galerie Wedding curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen and Bonaventure Ndikung


Restaurant Workers: Susie Meyer and Mariangela Tinelli

Daddy Ding Dong: Özlem Ögutcu