Indigestibles: Heartburn
Instructional Do It At Home Video • 2021

 Set within the Indigestibles Installation at Helsinki Biennial, this instructional video is an embodied sensorial exploration of the digestive system.

Follow these simple instructions and uncover the character and qualities of one of the human body’s hardest working systems. It will allow you to explore the mouth and gut-tube as a central axis of support and as our primary means of orientation through space. What do we take in and what we let go of” as a digesting entity in the world?

This video is based on the “Indigestibles: Heartburn” workshops that were created in collaboration with somatic educator and artist Andrew Kerton. The workshops took place on the Vallisaari island at the Helsinki Biennial in August 2021.


Anne Pajunen

Voice Over: Andrew Kerton

Video Acknowledgements:

Script: Dafna Maimon & Andrew Kerton

Somatic Consultant: Andrew Kerton

Video Edit & Direction, Installation & Costumes: Dafna Maimon

Video & Sound Production: FLIK Helsinki

Commissioned by: Helsinki Biennial

Indigestibles: Heartburn - A Do It At Home Instructional Video